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Voicings Camp is now: 
Sound Adventures

Marybeth Hallinan, Founder/Director 

From The Founder

 Our Mission

Sound-Adventures offers a unique, immersive, singing and hiking experiences for those 18 and over. Explore you body, voice, and spirit through the beauty and bounty of nature.

No hiking or singing experience required. 


Reconnect to the space inside yourself that's strong, centered, fun-loving and adventurous. 

Singers and hikers of all levels

are welcome!  

Voicings Reclaim_edited_edited.jpg

Reclaim to the inner voice that's yours alone. In consort with the harmony of music, sauntering in nature, and the healing of community, 



After a weekend or week together, you'll be reminded of all of who YOU are, in your wholeness, joyfulness, and fullness. ​

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