Fall Foliage Retreat

Oct 15 - 17,  2021

Hidden Gems of Southern NH . 

Join us as we explore the intersection of harmony, nature, healing and community, featuring the fall foliage of southern New Hampshire!

Marybeth will lead us on a short, gentle saunters through some of southern NH's hidden gems: lesser - known trails and sweet summits.  Our inspiring walks combine silent reflection, mindfulness, journaling and singing.

A beautifully harmonizing experience for body, mind, soul. 

No prior hiking or singing experience necessary.

"Marybeth Hallinan knows how to do camp. She thinks through and anticipates what will be needed and what might happen at every stage and is ready for that. She knows how to find the trails in this journey (at all levels) and lead you up and down those."  ~ Mary F, Winchendon, MA

Accepting only 8 campers.  Be one of us! 

Fri: 6 - 8 PM

Sat: 9 AM - 4 PM 

Sun: 1 PM - 4 PM 

Only $199.00 

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Women on the Move! 

Aug 6 - 8, 2021

Move your body, saunter and sing along the hills and peaks of the Monadnock Region!

We'll wonder at the beauty of summer in southern New Hampshire. 

Hiking, singing, stretching, swimming, friendship, renewal, fun!

Founder Marybeth Hallinan leads this popular session. 

Reconnect. Reclaim. Renew. Do it for YOU.

Friday 6:00 - 8:30 PM, Saturday - Sunday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Only $245.00

Voicings Camp on Cape Cod, MA


Our one and only sleep-away camp! 

We'll stay in beautiful, picturesque Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Hiking in Beebe Woods, Salt Pond Bird Sanctuary, and more! Beaches, biking,  and bountiful song. 

Sing and saunter on shores, in sun! 

Limited to 7 campers.

Lodging included in the price. Meals not included. 

Prices TDB, and vary based upon single or double occupancy.

*$250 deposit required at registration 

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Voicings Camp in Marin County, CA

Feb 22 - 25, 2019


This Women's Empowerment Excursion will help you reconnect, reclaim, and renew voice, body, and spirit.

Up to 10 women will explore the incredible landscape of Marin County.

Ring Mountain Open Space PreserveCataract Falls, Mt Tamalpais State Park, Tennessee Valley trail,  and more. 

Marin County boasts wine, waters, and natural wonders.

Join founder Marybeth and yogini Alexandra Teague for 4 days of beauty and bliss.


Fri 6 - 9 PM; Sat/Sun 9 AM - 4 PM.  Monday 9 - 12.


So thank you - for the loving gentle and rigorous days, for extraordinary yoga and joyous vocalizations, for woods, ferns, mosses; for hawks and hummingbirds, and crows, for sunshine and happiness. 

It was a restorative experience! If you are looking for a chance to sing in a natural setting, and enjoy meeting women who hike, sing, and laugh, Voicings is for you!

Marybeth leads the camp, and her energy is infectious and her talent is apparent from the first moment.

I recommend this experience in the strongest of terms, and will attend again."  ~ Carol B.


Custom Camps for teams, staff, choirs, and  select groups. 

Contact Us!


Voicings Camp is committed to bringing these camps where they need to go.

We'll organize a camp experience tailored for your staff/faculty, team, choirs, families, you name it. 

We provide the instructors, programming, and music.

Let's make a plan!  


Camps are affordable, transformational, and fun! 

Overnight and day camp options available. 


Select Saturday Summits

Select Saturdays throughout the year


Saturday Summits are a chance to get away from it all, meet some new friends, and pass the day together in song and spirit.

Sing a little, saunter some more, stretch a little, saunter again. Snack a little, saunter to the summit. 

Whatever the journey you take with Voicings, the destination is YOU!  Half day and full day hikes.

Contact us for a detailed calendar of dates and locations. 

Reconnect, Reclaim, Renew.


Sound Healing 

Sound Healing Sessions for Individuals and Groups


Offering individually tailored sessions and workshops.


We believe in the inherent nature of the body's ability to heal itself. Using gongs, singing bowls, and therapeutic tuning forks to balance the nervous system, these sessions return the body to its naturally restful, contemplative state, promoting deep healing for optimal health. Sessions identify tensions, blocked areas, help relieve chronic pain, ease anxiety and depression, and more.

Marybeth provides sound healing sessions for individuals and groups.

You can schedule a private sessions, or join an ongoing group.