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What Are
Voicings Adventure Singing Camps
and Sound Adventures? 

Meet the Founder/ Director

Marybeth Hallinan

I am an educator/director/musician/hiker/yogi living in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. Voicings Adventure Singing Camp/Sound Adventures was founded in 2016, as a way to empower others through the synthesis of harmony, nature, healing and community. 

I am passionate about the resonance of both sound and nature, their healing powers individually and collectively, and facilitating others' explorations of their voices in the beauty of outdoor settings. 



At Sound Adventures, we sing a range of songs from chants, rounds, to 3 - and 4 - part harmony pieces. 



Hear what our campers have to say!

Marybeth Hallinan knows how to do camp. She thinks through and anticipates what will be needed and what might happen at every stage and is ready for that. She knows how to find the trails in this journey (at all levels) and lead you up and down those.  ~ Mary  

The Voicings Camp [Sound Adventure] experience is a gift you give to yourself. The only thing required is willingness to show up.

No “expertise” in hiking or singing is needed or expected.

The community spirit, the connection with Nature, and the opportunity to sing, laugh, breathe deeply, and re-connect with yourself are what this is all about. Thank you, Marybeth! ~ Jeni 

Thank you so very much for a brilliant weekend in these hallowed hills and valleys. I loved every minute and every aspect of our hikes and you have unleashed my singer into the world once again - I can't stop singing!  ~ Virginia

...It was a restorative experience – a weekend filled with hiking, singing and interesting and well-informed women. If you are looking for a chance to sing in a natural setting, and enjoy meeting women who hike, sing, and laugh, Voicings is for you! Marybeth leads the camp, and her energy is infectious and her talent is apparent from the first moment. I recommend this experience in the strongest of terms,  and will attend again. ~ Carol

So thank you - for the loving gentle and rigorous days, for extraordinary yoga and joyous vocalizations, for woods, ferns, mosses; for hawks and hummingbirds, and crows, for sunshine and happiness.  The beauty of the trails, the beauty of the music, the beauty of laughter and camaraderie  - a week of beauty, a gift that will infuse the rest of the year, until I make it back again to Monadnock and Marybeth's magic!  ~ Judy

What a wonderful experience. My thanks to all of you for showing me how lovely it can be to face my fear and raise my voice in song with others. I learned so much this weekend--it will guide me in my search for my better self as well as my pursuit of my true voice. ~ Kap

I went into this adventure with a sore knee and a tricky back so I was worried about being able to keep up with the other hikers.  I needn't have worried; there were plenty of refueling breaks (whether for song, food or water!) and a caring and supportive atmosphere for all participants.  By the end of the week I was so happy to see that in this very special setting I could, in fact, do it all!                                

  ~ Judy


To have the chance to be a camper again after so many years, to be out in nature and spend time with some amazing people was the perfect end to my summer.
  ~  Meg

What a treat to go hiking in beautiful NH and sing of the beauty of nature.  
  ~  Mary

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